Pre-owned Vertical wind tunnel for sale


What is a Vertical
Wind Tunnel?

A Vertical Wind Tunnel is a gadget with a chamber, which upward air stream flows through it. The powerful air stream rises the person in the chamber, therefore human body floats in it and experiences a freefal skydiving experience. Our wind tunnel is mobile, which means it can be transported from place to place in a semi trailer.

The person in the apparatus feels excitement and freefall. The tunnel can be used for entertainment business, shows, events, brand promotions and military training. In addition it used widely used by skydivers for practice.

  • Mobile
  • Custom built
  • Can operate in the rain

See our Vertical Wind Tunnel in action

See our portable vertical wind tunnel in action in the restaurant parking near Vilnius - Kaunas highway in Lithuania.

Portable vertical wind tunnel video footage


Features of our
Wind Tunnel

The engine produces the air flow of 220 km/h. The engine is . During the 2 minutes freefall, person in the chamber experiences a 6500 m freefall. One session of 5 minutes consumes 5 litres of diesel, therefore does not need electricity to operate and is able to operate anywhere. This wind tunnel can be used during rain. The tunnel was used for
years and is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, mounted on trailer, ready for shipment to new owners.

What is included in the bundle?
- The vertical wind tunnel itself
- Semi trailer for transportation
- Necessary wingsuits for clients, helmets
- Lithuanian domains and Facebook fan pages used for promotion -,,

We are looking for interested parties Worldwide
The price for the tunnel is 140.000€. Cost of new tunnel is 250.000€, therefore sold with % discount.

We are looking forward to your inquiries at [email protected] We will deliver response within 12 hours.

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